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Wojtek Zagorski was born in Lodz, Poland. In his early years, as a part of his love for nature, he discovered interest in wildlife and landscape photography, which he has been continuing until today. He began shooting with a film camera he received as a child from his grandpa and in 2004 he got his first digital camera from his father, whose hobby was photography as well. While constantly pursuing his passion, in 2010 he bought his first DSLR with one lens and soon decided to start his own business. At the time, he covered mainly weddings and various events, such as fashion shows, political rallies etc.

In 2013 he visited United States for a few months and one year later he moved to New York - the place he found incredible, amazing and inspiring. What fascinates him the most about the city are: stunning skyline views, diverse architectural styles and the unique, magic "medieval mood" accompanying buildings in Upper Manhattan.

In 2015 he graduated in law in the University of Lodz with major in public international law, but after 5 years of studies, decided to take a break and got even more involved in photography. After several years of developing his career and passion, Wojtek focused particularly on cityscape, architecture and travel photography, however, he never dropped other genres, such as portrait, wildlife and family photography. He values especially the last one, as it is the key to keep priceless and everlasting memories associated with those, who are most important for him.

Wojtek constantly keeps on developing his own style and seeking inspirations. He loves traveling - currently mainly within the United States, but before settling in New York, he had visited numerous countries in Europe and South America. He is also passionate about cars and sports: tennis, skiing, martial arts and soccer.

In 2017 Wojtek began collaboration with Getty Images. His photographs have been chosen for licensing by companies from all over the world, including top global brands like: Microsoft, Conde Nast, Boeing, Forbes, William Morris Endeavor, McKinsey & Co., Prudential, Accenture and Tribune Media Company (Fox, CBS, CNBC), to name a few.

Wojtek is currently working on a copyright law PhD thesis, which is going to be a comparative analysis of legal solutions relating to photography in the United States and Europe.

His selected photographs of New York City were recently exhibited during Trieste Photo Festival at the Trieste airport, Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy.

In the past few years Wojtek has won numerous honorable mentions in Lucie's International Photography Awards.